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Investing With Us

We have 6 Investment plans with different daily profits which depend on deposit amount.  We propose you six types of investment period: 12 hours to 72 hours.  After the investment period ends, your initial deposit is freed and can be withdrawn or invested again. We recommend that you select the investment plan that best fits your financial situation.

Investment Plan Interest Rate Minimum Deposit Duration
Basic 600% 500 USD 72 Hours
Standard 600% 5000 USD 48 Hours
Advanced 800% 20000 USD 36 Hours
expert 800% 50000 USD 24 Hours
VIP 1000% 100000 USD 12 Hours
Special Promotion 800% 6000 USD 60 Hours


Please select the program you would like to invest:


Basic Plan
Total Return: 600%
Plan duration: 72 Hours
Minimum investment amount: $500

Standard Plan
Total Return: 600%
Total Return: 40%
Plan duration: 48 Hours
Minimum investment amount: $5,000

Advanced Plan
Total Return: 800%
Plan duration: 36 Hours
Minimum investment amount: $20,000

Expert Plan
Total Return: 800%
Plan duration: 24 Hours
Minimum investment amount: $50,000

VIP Plan
Total Return: 1000%
Plan duration: 12 Hours
Minimum investment amount: $100,000

Platinum Plan
Total Return: 800%
Plan duration:60 Hours
Minimum investment amount: $6,000


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